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Discover Joy Dance Academy

Joy Dance Academy is one of the leading dance studios in Rock Hill. At our studio, we aim to encourage a widespread joy for dance, welcoming any children that want to dance regardless of size, age, or experience.  Established in 2022, we aim to create a positive, welcoming environment which is encouraging for all. 

About Joy Dance Academy

Located within the City of Rock Hill, Joy Dance Academy is the most comprehensive dance facility within York County. We offer over 20 different classes and styles for students from ages 3 to 19. 

To ensure classes are suitable for those who attend, we offer a range of options across styles, age groups and abilities. Whether you are aiming for a professional career, looking for socialization or just want to have fun, we have a class for you. 

The teachers at Joy Dance Academy have a vast range of experience across disciplines. Our collective approach is to share our love of dance while being supportive and encouraging. 

Enroll for group lessons or book private lessons at a time that suits you. 

Weekly Classes

Dance Is the Hidden Language of the Soul

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where everyone can access the magic of dance. We have witnessed first hand how dance can build character, confidence and friendships. This beautiful, enriching sport is an incredible tool to teach body awareness, self-discipline and teamwork. Through our service of teaching dance, we strive to provide exceptional coaching and leadership to our students. While striving to instill the importance of etiquette and manners, we also focus on good self-esteem and positive body image.

Our Mission

At Joy Dance Academy, we strive to provide a nurturing environment while helping our students find their joy in dance. We offer quality training and a safe space for students to feel supported and encouraged along their dance journey. We focus on technique and foundation and believe anyone can dance regardless of size, age, and experience. We aim to instill values of teamwork, discipline, communication, empathy, community, kindness, excellence, and trust in our JDA dancers. These values uphold our mission of growing our students into confident, kind, life ready adults through the art of dance. We work to help them become a better dancer than they were yesterday and the best version of themselves to take on the world beyond the studio walls.

Our Values

At Joy Dance Academy we believe in:


The more fun and excitement you put into your training, the faster your dancing will improve. 


All of our students deserve an exceptional and positive experience every time they participate in a dance class.


Having a big picture goal sets the trajectory of your potential, so set yours as high as you can.

Our Teachers

Leading Dance Studios

The Joy Dance Academy team of accredited and friendly dance instructors have a range of skills they can share with our students.